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DC Power Generator

From Wilderness Energies

(Out of Production)

Why use Direct Current?

 Have you ever tried to live without electricity for very long? In a typical power outage, your lights go out, your clocks stop, and you think to yourself; “what a great big inconvenience!” Then an hour or so later the power comes back on and you reset the clocks, go on with your life and never think about it again… until the next time.

But what if the power stays off for a day, or more? Or perhaps you want electricity in a remote location, or maybe you live in an area or country where the power system is unreliable, or you could just want to reduce your energy costs. These are the situations where having an independent power system would be a great advantage, and perhaps even a life saver.

This short article is a description of the best, most efficient and reliable system available to meet the needs of the situations just described.


The Electricity story- 

The Direct Current electric power system is much more efficient and effective at providing electric power, for the individual or family, in longer term need situations than almost all conventional portable electric generators on the market right now. Let me explain why;

   Back in the beginning when electricity was young and new, there were two schools of thought as to what type of electricity was best and which would serve the needs of the general population best. Thomas Edison said Direct current was the best. Nicola Tesla said Alternating current was superior. The story was very interesting and popular in the day, but the shortened version was simply that AC electricity won out because it could be sent over long distances from a central location, and DC electricity had too many losses when built as big systems.

 Alternating Current electricity took hold world wide, became a mega-business generating large sums of money, and the power grid was born. People now had energy to light their homes, cook their food, and run almost unlimited types of electrical appliances. A new age was born. But with centralized power came dependency and uncontrolled costs to the ‘little guy’. We are offering a solution to that dependency and higher cost that is inherent with ‘grid-power’. It’s the small DC power system.


The DC electric power system-

AC electricity cannot be stored effectively, so a DC system is by far the best for small systems. When one is considering how to put together an independent energy system for the average home or individual use, three sources of power generation should be looked at; Solar Energy, Wind Energy, and a fueled Electric Generator. Also probably critical to this system is a way to store that energy for later use when the wind is not blowing, or the sun is not shining or the generator is not running. A battery or bank of batteries with a power inverter is the best solution for storing electricity with a small system. Then the generator and solar panels can just feed electricity to store and use most efficiently through the inverter, or be fed into the grid to reduce your power bill.

The diagram below illustrates this system.


Why a DC Generator is better than an AC Generator-

 Almost all Generators on the market now are AC generators that run on gasoline. They work fine for short periods of time when fuel consumption is not an issue. Some of them have DC output but its almost never more than 10 amps which is only about 140 watts of electricity. That’s a BIG cost in fuel for a little gain in electricity.

If you had a generator with adjustable RPM and only DC output at say 65 amps, you would have a superior advantage for your DC energy system. The generator would use way less fuel and deliver MUCH more electricity to your batteries for storage, thus significantly reducing the generator run time and the overall cost.

We offer such a generator that can be purchased right now!  

This generator can also weld metal as an arc welder, and jump-start almost any vehicle.  The power output of this generator is essentially the same as the electrical system in almost every car in the world today. 

The internal combustion engine is roughly 15% efficient at best.  What this means is that 85% or more of the energy coming out of this generator is in the form heat.  It could be possible to have an efficient heat exchanger that can heat large amounts of water from this generator. 


6.5 HP Horizontal Shaft Overhead Valve Gasoline Engine

3600-RPM, four-stroke, engine Recoil start, electronic ignition 0.95 gallon fuel tank, Engine displacement: 196cc

At 50% load it will run approximately an hour

Gasoline type: unleaded, 86 octane or better

Adjustable RPM to match load reducing fuel consumption

Electrical output : 63 amps at 14.7 volts DC current

Welded steel frame with replaceable wood base

Adjustable Belt tensioner

Total weight is 62 lbs – overall dimensions: 12” x 18” x 15”      



  • 12 feet of #6 gauge stranded copper cable

  • Battery clamps - positive (red) and negative (black)

  • Analog Amp meter – 50 amp + and (-))

  • Analog Volt Meter  - 8 to 16 volt range

  • Steel Gauge holder bracket

  • Schematics, Assembly Instructions and Diagrams

(Out of Production)

$445 + $65 shipping

(Please email us for shipping cost if living outside of the 48 US states.)

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