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Micro Steam Turbine Electric Generator

New from Wilderness Energies

Not Available

The Grover Rocket Stove can now make electricity with wood! The small steam turbine in the following videos runs off of steam pressure and produces electricity that can be used for lighting and charging batteries. The system is fully portable and is as easy to use as filling a pressure cooker with water and lighting your Grover Rocket Stove up. In a emergency, this small electric generator can charge a cell phone, rechargeable flashlights, or anything else that uses double A or triple A batteries.



Machined aluminum construction

2.5 inch bladed turbine disc

RPM 10,000 +

Permanent Magnet 3 phase generator / motor (rated at 85 watts)

Max Tested Output: At 90 psi and 4 cfm the electrical output = 9 amps at 4.0 volts (36 watts)

Typical Output with pressure cooker at 15 psi, 100 ma at 3.5 volts

Turbine Dimensions 4" x 4" x 4"



With a 2 gal. pressure cooker with a full pot of water, we have found that this steam turbine will run for an approximately two to three hours. External temperature plays a big part and you will get much more output on a hot summer day than on a cold winter day.

The videos below were done in the middle of December outdoors.

A standard pressure cooker that has a 1/4" top steam outlet is required to run this turbine. These can be purchased at most local kitchen supply store like Walmart.






Included Parts

Fully assembled and tested 4" steam turbine

Full wave bridge rectifier board (6 diodes soldered with connecting wires.  This makes the motor output work.)

2 double A and 2 triple A battery holders with connecting wires.

2 feet of 1/4" ID hosing (3/8" OD) that connect directly to a standard pressure cooker.

2 hose clamps (3/8" OD)

3 LED lightbulbs


Not Available


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