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Grover Backpacking Stove

(Currently out of production)

Have you ever wanted a back packing stove that was light,  easy to transport, and uses only wood or dry material without flammable liquids?  Well, we now have the Grover Backpacking Stove available for this very purpose.  This is a great little survival stove for  your 72 hour kit, or for the avid hiker who loves to back pack with the lightest load possible.  It weighs 12 1/2 oz. and takes up very little room in a backpack as it can easily be taken apart to a flat surface for easy transportation.  The Grover Backpacking Stove is made of high temperature stainless steel for long term use under high heat conditions. This steel is specifically designed for high heat, smokey conditions.


Lighting and Cooking with the Grover Backpacking Stove




Some natural warping will take place while using the stove, but you can easily bend it back with your hands once the metal has cooled to the touch.


Highlights of the





Grover Back Packing Stove

Cook hot meals with a few twigs or dry material laying around.

Perfect survival stove for you 72 hour kit.

Backpackers lightest cooker - no liquid fuels necessary to carry with you.

Can set a coffee mug on top to heat easily.

Boil water to purify it if necessary.

Made of high temperature Stainless Steel!

Weighs 12 1/2 oz.

Dimensions once together: 5" W x 5" L 5 1/2" H

Dimensions when taken apart laying flat: 5" W x 5" L x  1/4" H

Very transportable taking very little space.

Pictures of Grover Backpacking Stove




Video Instructions on how to Put it Together



Instructions on how to put the Grover Backpacking Stove Together

Step 1:  Separate the pieces and then find the sides to the stove.  Choose the three that are the same.




Step 2:  On a flat surface using two of the side pieces, slide the ends together and then add the third side making a partial box. Don't add the front piece yet.



Step 3:  Then slide the bottom plate into the side pieces that you have standing using the slots provided on the them.  Use the tabs on the bottom piece to fit in them.  There should be no tab sticking out on the front if done correctly.



Step 4:  Then attached the front piece of the stove by sliding one side on first.  Then pick the stove up and slightly twist the stove so that the other slots will come together, completing the stove.  It might take a little forcing to do so but it will not hurt the stove.  It will stand pretty ridged at that point.


Step 5: (optional) You can then add the two flat bars across the top in the slots provided if wanting to put a mug on top to heat your liquids.




Once you practice a few times of putting it together, you will be able to do it quite quickly.





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(Currently out of production)

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