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Grover Rocket Stove Testimonials

Joel M.  from Texas --

"I just finished making my first meal with a Grover Rocket Stove, from in Springville, Utah.  It is a heavy duty stove with welded construction, and it is guaranteed to last for life.  I believe it will.

With a small handful of scrap wood, I grilled an onion and cooked 10 boneless pork chops.  This is an amazing device.

It is fast and easy to light, and puts out more heat than a gas stove burner, with very little smoke.  When I was done cooking, I pushed the wood scraps all of the way into the burn chamber, and let the stove finish them off.  Done, quick and easy.

This is a campstove that can go anywhere, and burn the small sticks and branches that other campers do not bother to pick up.  Using it saves the cost of propane and/or Coleman fuel.  I don’t know of any “downside” to this rocket stove.

 Here’s how it works:  under the wood feed tray is an air vent, which brings fresh air under the fire.  As the fire heats the insulated chimney, it forms a spiral flow, which draws a vacuum through the air vent, which greatly increases the heat of the fire.  This, then, draws even more air, and the result is a very hot, almost smokeless fire.

If you are looking for a camping/emergency type stove, and don’t want to ever pay for and store fuel, this is the best there is."



Alice and Dick H. from TN. --

We LOVE our rocket stove.  We made spaghetti this morning... yummmmmmmmmmy!  Not pictured is the McCormick thick and zesty spice packets and the green ice tea that we used as liquid for the sauce...salt and pepper...grated parmesan cheese.  We cooked the noodles first, removed them from the pot and then cooked the sauce.   8-)



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- Cooking Hamburgers -





Review of the Stainless Steel Grover Rocket Stove courtesy of FrankS



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